Thursday, June 2, 2016

Forgetting to Work Out? Check Your Inbox to Stay On Track

Sometimes you get busy and put off your workout for a day. You promise yourself you’ll do it tomorrow but you get even busier. Before you know it, you’ve completely forgotten about your workout. So much for the beach body (or other goal) you wanted for the summer!

This has happened to all of us so that’s why we added "Exercise Reminder Emails" to all OMW accounts. If you haven’t logged an OMW exercise for 3 days or more, we’ll send you reminders by email periodically. Instead of being yet another way to put things off, checking your inbox can now help you get and stay in shape.

These reminders will show you how long you’ve been letting yourself slide and how many XP points you’ve lost. You can get back on track and recover some of the lost XP by doing an exercise right away. Just click the “Exercise Now” button to go to your OMW account and do an exercise.

We find these reminders quite helpful but if you prefer not to receive them, you can turn them off from the Reminder Preferences section of the Settings page in your account.